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    Adding new field to existing table and form - getting error

    I'm trying to add a combo box field to an existing table and form. I added the new field to my existing table and set it up as an combo box added my row sources. Then added the new field to an existing form and now am getting a error stating "The record source "Table name and added field here" specified on this form or report does not exist. When I just make the new field a text box instead of combo box it works just fine. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks - TD

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    Quote Originally Posted by dulworth View Post
    ...and set it up as an combo box...
    What you did here is create a Look Up Field at the Table Layer. This technique is rarely used. The best approach is, usually, to create a field in your table of Long Integer type and store Primary Key values from another table in your new field. For example, a combo on a form would have a value of, say, 5. You would store "5" in your new field in the table. The Key value of 5 would represent a Record/Row in another table or a Value List within a combo.

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    Ok, I will try your suggestion. Thank you, for your help. - TD

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