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    Question Using Multiple Fields in Form to Generate Query

    Right now I have just one table in Access which holds different information for colleges. Some of the fields include the tuition and the state in which it is located. I created a form off of this table that allows me to select any criteria of those fields and run a query to get the related results. For example, I can search by schools in New York that cost 30k and get a list of all associated colleges. I do this by creating a query and having the criteria equal whatever value was selected in the form for both of those properties.

    However, I need some guidance in setting up how to do the same filter of only one of the fields is filled in. So if I want to not select a state but get all schools costing 30k, how can I do that. The only way I can get it to work is selecting a value for both fields. By leaving one blank my query does not return anything. Eventually this will expand to have four or five filters so I would use this knowledge to do same setup if 1,2,3,4 or all 5 filters are used.

    Thanks for any help, if you have any questions let me know.

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    How are you using the search form? Is the criteria in the qry? Do you a default value for the fields on your search form? See this post.
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    It sounds like you would need code to check each control, determine if it is used, if so, add it to the Sql,

    if not isnull(txtName1) then vFilter = VFilter & [Name]='" & txtName & "'"
    if not isnull(cboState2) then vFilter = VFilter & [State]='" & cboState2 & "'"
    if len(vFilter)>0 then vFilter = " WHERE " & vFilter
    sSql = sSql & vFilter
    until finally docmd.openSQL sSql

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    This will build a form for you to go by

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    you can use like "*" & [forms]![formname]![fieldname] & "*" as your criteria, this basically creates a wildcard search for any non populated value.

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