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    Thumbs up Macro to mimic Import & Link Excel button on external data

    I have a DB with multiple tables that have the data imported into them from Excel spreadsheets.

    I would like to have a Macro available to mimic the "Select Source and Destination of the Data" popup
    that results when one hits the Excel button under the External Data Section.

    I have not written any vba code before. I know that the resultant vba from using the ImportExcelSpreadsheet option is shown below.
    So What I really need to do is to replace the "","" with calls to subroutine that request the Table Name of the table to import into, and the File Name to import from. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Arnie

    Function Macro1()
    On Error GoTo Macro1_Err

    DoCmd.TransferSpreadsheet acImport, 10, "", "", True, ""

    Exit Function

    MsgBox Error$
    Resume Macro1_Exit

    End Function

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    1. input the parameters to controls on a form and reference the controls

    2. InputBox popups in place of the ""
    How to attach file: To provide db: copy, remove confidential data, run compact & repair, zip w/Windows Compression.

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