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    I want to make a self generating ID field and other things

    I am making a database and I want to make a field to generate it's own data on a table, similar to auto number. But I want it to it to be letters and numbers using the first 3 letters from another field.

    For example

    for company “ABC” the ID will be “ABC1”, and if there is already a company called “ABC”, then the second “ABC” company will be called “ABC2” and company “AAB” will be “AAB1”

    The first 3 letters should be from the name of the company and the number is set it aside from other companies with the same first 3 letters.

    Can anyone help me with this problem? :cry:

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    Create an autonumber field, and then on the "Before Update" event of the form, add some code to concatenate the company ID with the autonumber field.


    Me.CompanyAndNumber = Me.CompanyID & Me.AutoNumField
    John F

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    I don't like manual PK's myself so I avoid them but your code will need to be something like this :

    this will get you the next primary key number to insert :
    SELECT Max(mid( CompanyID ,4, len(contentid)-4)) + 1 as NewValue
    FROM tbl_Accounts
    WHERE CompanyID LIKE 'ABC%'
    new key would be
    strID = "ABC" & rs("NewValue")
    The mid function is getting the part of the company ID that is numeric. It assumes that it is always preceeded by three character.

    You may need to tweak this a bit.

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