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    Date code needed

    Dear all,

    I am working on an HR database. I need to make month days equal to 26 days if the employee works from the beginning of the month until the end of the month.
    Our weekend is only during sundays. My problem is that sometimes we have 5 sundays so the working days are equal to 25 days while it should be 26.
    I have two textboxes: PaymentStartingDate & PaymentFinishingDate
    I need to check if the PaymentStartingDate is the first day of the month and if the PaymentFinishingDate is the last day of the month.
    If so, then the Duration will be 26 days automatically.

    Thank you in advance.


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    I figured it out.. I used the below code:

    If PaymentStartingDate = dhFirstDayInMonth([PaymentStartingDate]) And PaymentFinishingDate = dhLastDayInMonth([PaymentFinishingDate]) Then

    Text32 = 26
    Hopefully you can benefit from this as well.


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