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    'Between' function; Show all records if left blank

    I am creating a query which uses 2 unbound text boxes to populate a Between function for 2 date fields. If I fill in the dates, it returns the corresponding data. If I leave them blank, however, it returns no records.

    Is there an easy way to tweak the query to return all records if left blank???


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    Is this the only criteria you're using in the query?

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    Try the Nz() function around each text box reference, using appropriate dates in each (less than and greater than in the data).
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    Right, use some extreme dates guaranteed to be outside the range of the dataset:

    BETWEEN Nz([box1],#1/1/1900#) AND Nz([box2],#12/31/2900#)
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    Thank you, PBaldy and June7. That did the trick!

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