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    Simple Relational Database - Please Help!


    I am an ICT teacher wanting to teach realtional databases to pupils. I don't want more than 3 tables in my database and I want a topic that they can relate to but not get side-tracked by!

    I am thinking about doing a dog walking/grooming service.

    I have my customer table and my dog table. What fields should I put in my service table? If I want to include prices does it mean I will need a 4th table? OR should I have no services table and a prices table instead that calculates the fee based on the minutes a dog is walked?

    Thank you x

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    If you want only 3 tables, the essential ones as I see it are:

    Dogs - the owners are info associated with dog, a separate table not critical but if an owner can be associated with more than one dog, then an owner table should be used so the Dog table will not repeat all the owner details (names, address) with each associated Dog record.

    Owners - see previous note

    Services - reference source for services, if there are only 2 services (walking, grooming) and only 1 price for each, then this table could be eliminated, unless you want pricing for various grooming activities (wash, hair cut, nail trim) and walking times (15 min, 30 min, 60 min)

    DogsServices - transactions of services rendered
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    Thank you so much! x

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