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    Query critieria on Sum of Record

    Hi all, Here is my question
    I have a query example:
    Col1 Col2
    CA Cad
    CA Cas
    BC Bcd
    BC Bcs
    BC Bcf
    BC Bcg

    I want to write on the query expression to give the count of number in Column like,
    Col1 Col2 Count

    CA Cad 2
    CA Cas 2
    BC Bcd 4
    BC Bcs 4
    BC Bcf 4
    BC Bcg 4

    number 2 represent there is two same record in Col1,

    Can anyone tell me how to do that? Thanks!!!

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    Is there a unique ID field, such as an autonumber? If not, field can be added then maybe a nested subquery possible. Review

    Another approach is with DCount.

    SELECT *, DCount("Col1","tablename","Col1='" & [Col1] & "'") As CountCol1 FROM tablename;
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    Thanks, June 7
    Sorry for reply late! It worked perfact! Thank you so much!!!

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