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    Send Report by mail for the mail Ids present in the table from a button click

    Right now I have this code in the onclick event of my "Email " button(Command button)-
    DoCmd.SendObject acSendReport, "Project Executive Summary", acFormatPDF, "", "", "", "Project Executive Summary Report", "Here is the attached Report", True

    I need to pull the TO list from the table .For say there is a field called "To List" for each Record in my table.

    I need to send a mail to Project App team of "Project executive Summary Report" for each Phase.
    There are around five phases for projects.Each phase will contain around 5 to 10 records.

    I have five reports for each different phases.But I need to pull the "To List" mail details of those 5 to 10 records which comes under a single phase.

    The mail should go to "To List" details for each phase as each phase contains 5 to 10 records.It should append all the mail IDs in the "To list" of the code.
    How can we do this?Please help me .Thank you

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    I use the following code to do something similar. See what you can use from it.

    Dim varApprovalRequest, varReportName, varSendTo, varSendFrom, varHTMLBody As String
    Dim varUsername, varSubjectText, varSendCC As String
    Dim objOutlook, objEmail As Object
    varApprovalRequest = DLookup("data", "table", "child = 'ApprovalRequestMessage'")
    varReportName = DLookup("data", "qry_drcconfig", "child = 'ApprovalRequetForm'")
    varSendTo = Me.ComboApprover.Column(2)
    varSendFrom = DLookup("email", "tbl_contact", "ID = " & [TempVars]![varDRCContactID])
    varSubjectText = "Design Review Project Approval Request: " & [TaskSR]
    varEmailTemplate = DLookup("data", "qry_drcconfig", "child = 'ApprovalRequestTemplate'")
    varSendCC = DLookup("data", "qry_drcconfig", "child = 'ApprovalCopyToList'")
    DoCmd.OutputTo acOutputReport, varReportName, acFormatHTML, varApprovalRequest
    Set objOutlook = CreateObject("Outlook.application")
    Set objEmail = objOutlook.CreateItemFromTemplate(varEmailTemplate)
    With objEmail
    .To = varSendTo
    .cc = varSendCC
    .Subject = varSubjectText
    '.Body = "The body doesn't matter, just the attachment"
    .HTMLBody = varHTMLBody
    .Attachments.Add varApprovalRequest
    .SentOnBehalfOfName = varSendFrom
    '.Send - this didn't work on my setup but .Display did
    End With
    There are a couple of things with this code. The first is that it uses an HTML file generated from a report as the body. The second is that I have a qry that I get the information from called qry_drcconfig. You will want to modify your code to work with your data.

    Good luck.

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