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    Smile Another Sub Report or is their an easier way to combine a queriy and Union query?

    I have a travel database and I'm trying to do a Quote_Report using two queries.

    The Quote_Query collects information from various tables regaring for the quote eg client details from the Cient_Table, the sales consultants details from the Employee_Table and further details from the Quote_Table such as DateOfQuote, Cost, passengers etc.

    The Itinerary_Query is a Union Query the collects flight details from the Flight_Table, hotels details from the Hotel_Table and car hire, tours and trains etc from similar tables. It then puts them in date order so when filtered to a particular Quote_Number it brings up the itinerary for that quote in date and time order.

    I've created a Quote_Report based on the Quote_Query which show the majority fields I need from this query at the top of the details section of the report. Then still in the details section I've created a Itinerary_SubReport showing the itinerary which is referenced by the Quote_Number.

    This all works great but here's my issue... in the Quote_Query I have a field where we add further details regarding the itinerary such as further flight or hotel info. I really want these details to appear directly under the Itinerary.

    If I put it below the Itinerary_SubReport in the details section if its only a short itinerary you end up with a large gap which looks untidy, and sometimes it knocks it on to two pages unnecessarily. So is the best way to create another Sub Report based on the Quote_Query and add that to the footer of the Itinerary_SubReport?

    If this is the best way are there any down sides of having a Subreport in another Subreport thats in a report? Sorry this is starting to sound like a riddle... hope it makes sense. Just seems a long way around when this sub report I'm considering doing is based on the same query as the main report.

    Any thoughts welcomed as I'm not that great with Access

    Many thanks, Gav

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    I'm not sure I'm understanding, but the first thing that comes to mind is using the Can Grow property of the textbox and section. You'd make both the minimum size, and let Access increase it as necessary.
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