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    Events Report, please help!

    What i want is to generate a report where it can shows the following:

    I have 2 tables:
    Client and Event
    Client([ContactID, FirstName, LastName, CompanyName, Addres, City, POBox, Country, Title, WorkPhone, MobilePhone, FaxNumber, Email, Remark)

    Event(EventID, EventName, ReservedRoom, NumberofAttendees, StartDate, EndDate, ContactID)

    This is a one to many relationship

    How can i generate a report where first i select from a drop down list the company name, and from it i can see the first name, last name and total number of events done the company? :?

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    This is very doable.

    1) Make a report based on the Client table, and have it include a subreport based on the Event table. Join the main and subreports on the ContactID fields

    2) Make an unbound form that has a combobox on it, and use a SQL statement like this for the ControlSource:

    SELECT DISTINCT CompanyName FROM Client ORDER BY CompanyName

    3) Make a commandbutton on that form, and use code like this in its Click event:

    DoCmd.OpenReport ReportName:="YourReport", _
        WhereCondition:="[CompanyName] = '" & Me!ComboBoxName & "'"

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    Hi matthewspatrick! i really appreciate your support.

    The thing is that i believe there is another way to do so? I believe i wasnt that clear when i provided what i wanted. What i want is to generate a report based on a filter. Select from a drop down list for example:
    I would like to do 3 drop list
    1- Select a company from the list of CompanyName
    2- Select Last and First Name from list of names
    3- Select Reserved room names from Room names list

    I have done some reports:
    1- report that provides me contact listing for clients that have done events
    2- report that provides the number of events that a company has done
    3- provides information about events done by each company

    What i wish to do is to have a report form where has 3 command buttons: one for search by company, other for seach by name and last search by room names. What i want is this to happen:

    If for example i select the "by company" button it will take me to another form having a list box to choose from companies list, beside the list box to have 3 command buttons that filter report by selection. If i select for example company "DHL", if i select the report of contact listing, only clients from DHL company should apper.. if i select search for number of events by company, it should only show the number of events done only by DHL company and for last if selecting the events information by DHL it should only show event info done by DHL.

    As a conclision how can i filter data to be included in report!!!!

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    I did IT!!!!!!!!
    i cant believe itttttttttt
    i checked

    and it helped me!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Thanks mathew!!! for you help!!!! i really appreciate it, anyway i might come back with another issue for my next access database, but as for this one im done.

    im really into learning this software bec with practive i believe we can be good at it

    Cheers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!

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