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    Populating a combo box from a text field, but keeping the combo box full if no match

    I've got a problem that I could use some advice on.

    Basically I have a text field that is manually entered (account number), where after entered automatically populates a combo box with the name of a customer. This is working just fine.

    However, if an account number match is not found, the combo box logic fails--but what I need is the for the combobox to default to all customers which would allow the user to pick one. Is there an easy way to do this ? I know Access does not allow case statements.


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    Setup sounds backwards to me. Why not select account number from combobox and textbox displays customer name?
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    Quote Originally Posted by June7 View Post
    Setup sounds backwards to me. Why not select account number from combobox and textbox displays customer name?
    Backwards and inside-out! The OP also speaks of populating a Combobox with a single customer name!

    The developer is, perhaps, in a Parallel Universe?

    After all, he states
    Quote Originally Posted by mraccess
    "I know that Access does not allow case statements!"
    Since when?

    Linq ;0)>
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