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    CSV File Import

    I have a csv file that contains data, but there are no columns defined and the data is the same place all the time but spread out over many lines.

    Example of row:
    "Purchase Order No.","Customer ID","Salesperson ID","Shipping Method","Payment Terms","Req Ship Date"

    Another row would have bill to name and ship to name

    next row has their address
    next row has city, state and zip.

    Is there a way to input into access using vba.

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    A sample file (or at least a copy-paste of several records from the file) would be helpful...

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    Here is an example of a file

    "Picking Ticket","ORD00349","Fulcrum Health Products, LLC"
    "Document Date","3/30/2006","2523 Wayzata Blvd."
    "Page","1","Suite 300"
    "Who Printed","am","Minneapolis MN 55345"
    "Date Time Printed","3/30/2006","10:11:34 AM"
    "Bill To:","Ship To:"
    "Ken's Hub City Cycle & Fitness","Ken's Hub City Cycle & Fitness"
    "425 Lincoln Highway","425 Lincoln Highway"
    "Rochelle IL 61068","Rochelle IL 61068"
    "Purchase Order No.","Customer ID","Salesperson ID","Shipping "Method","Payment Terms","Req Ship Date"
    "","KEN'S HUB CITY","PATRICIA","","Credit Card","3/30/2006"
    "Item Number","Description","Pick Qty","UOM","Qty Picked"
    "515-1602","Tour Black Small","1","EACH","________"
    "515-1605","Tour Black Medium","1","EACH","________"
    "515-1608","Tour Black Large","1","EACH","________"
    "515-2402","Tour Blue Small","2","EACH","________"
    "515-2405","Tour Blue Medium","2","EACH","________"
    "515-2408","Tour Blue Large","2","EACH","________"
    "515-2409","Tour Blue X-Large","1","EACH","________"
    "515-3205","Pro Black Medium","2","EACH","________"
    "515-3208","Pro Black Large","1","EACH","________"
    "515-3209","Pro Black X-Large","1","EACH","________"
    "2005-02","Heatwave - Medium","2","EACH","________"
    "2005-03","Heatwave - Large","2","EACH","________"

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    1. Which data elements get imported?
    2. Where do they go?

Please reply to this thread with any new information or opinions.

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