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    Microsoft can'd append all the records

    I have two tables, table 1 has 19 fields. Table 2 has 18 fields. Table 2 has one field table 1 does not have. Table 1 has two fields table 2 does not have. I changed field names so that they both coincide and all fields of text type have a Yes in AllowZeroLength and a No in Required. I tried to run an append query adding only the fields that both tables have in common, to transfer the data from table 2 to table 1. I then get the usual message: can't append all the records in the append query. Microsoft Access set 0 fields to Null blah blah. Of the 109 records I wanted to append it only appended 17 and I can't understand what is different about these records or all the others! HELP!! I fear I will have to input all these stupid data again!

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    How about creating a 3rd table and append both tables?

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