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    VBA Referencing Subform Control Error 2465

    I have a Navigation Form with a subform. Here is the basic layout:

    Navigation Form: [Home Page] <<<< I know I shouldn't use a space in the name, but it's only one form

    Subform: [frmInsertResults]

    Control: CheckSCC <<<< This is a checkbox control

    Here is the code I am using in the immediate window, and as the msgbox:

    Immediate Window Code:

    ? Forms![Home Page]!frmInsertResults.Form!CheckSCC
    VBA Code:

    MsgBox Forms![Home Page]!frmInsertResults.Form!CheckSCC
    It returns a run-time error '2465': Microsoft Access can't find the field 'frmInsertResults' referred to in your expression.

    The main form and subform are both open in form view (even tried in layout view). I've checked the spelling of the form, subform, and control to make sure they are correct. All I would like to do is to be able to find the current value of the control in the Immediate Window so I can begin writing more code.

    Dumb question, and I've done this successfully a few times today already with a different form and subform. I can't get it to work for me this time.

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    MsgBox Forms![Home Page].frmInsertResults.Form.CheckSCC
    If this helped, please click the star at the bottom left of this posting and add to my reputation . Many thanks.
    Bob Fitzpatrick

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    Hi -

    Is [frmInsertResults] the name of the sub-form, or the name of the CONTROL containing that form? It has to be the name of the CONTROL, not the name of the form, so you would use something like:

    ? Forms![Home Page]!controlname.Form!CheckSCC



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    Bob's suggestion didn't work, but John helped me to arrive at the solution. Apparently, when using a Navigation Form, all of the subforms are shown in the same subform control. This confused me, as the subform control was named after the first subform I added to the Navigation Form.

    Thank you!

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