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    Data Type Mismatch Error In Criteria Expression : Error 2001


    I copied a Access 2007 Database to Access 2010, and linked the tables to the Back End Database, but when I am trying to export an Excel file via a Switchboard which is the result of a macro,
    I get an error message 'Data Type Mismatch Error In Criteria Expression' and points to the statement in VBA code when I debug
    Set rs = DoCMD.Execute

    Is there something I should be doing when copying the 2007 DB to Access 2010?

    Any compatibility Issues?

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    Pretty soon were upgrading from MS-access 2003 to MS-access 2010 here at work. And i was told that access 2010 has Macro issues when they come from earlier versions of Access.

    But im not sure tbh.

Please reply to this thread with any new information or opinions.

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