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    Concatenating many fields into one field

    Hi I have a problem where I want to concatenate many fields into one field, separated by a , or a ;

    The table on the left shows the ID listed many times and it is only listed once on the right. In the names field on the right table I want the names from the left table listed to be separated by the , or ; based on the ID. The tables below are just an example of a much larger database.

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    The VBA Version:

    If you ar familiar with VBA then this is a method you can use

    Dim Rs1 As DAO.Recordset
    Dim Rs2 As DAO.Recordset
    Dim IDPrevious As Long
    Dim StrString As String
    Set Rs1 = CurrentDb.OpenRecordset("Select * From OldTable Order By PK")
    Set Rs2 = CurrentDb.OpenRecordset("NewTable")
    If Not Rs1.EOF And Not Rs1.BOF Then
       IDPrevious = Rs1("PK")
       Do Until Rs1.EOF
           If Rs1("PK") = IDPrevious Then
              StrString = StrString & "," & Rs1("FieldName")
              Rs2("PK") = IDPrevious
              Rs2("FieldName") = Mid(StrString,2)
           End If
    End If
    Set Rs1 = Nothing
    Set Rs2 = Nothing
    Above is aircode and untested. The logic is that is enumerates the old table in primarykey order concatenating the contents of the repeating field with a comma delimiter. Once the repeat ends it appends the PK and the created string to the new table.


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