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    Smile Hide Rows in a Report

    Hi all,

    I am working on a report that has rows that need to be conditionally hidden. The data I'm working with is this.


    I want to get the sum of all of the [CurrentBalance] records but I want to hide the rows from displaying in the report where [PymtDate] & [PastDue] are blank.

    Sample data:

    Doe, John,6/1/2011,-1,1000.00
    Doe, John,1/1/2011,-1,2000.00
    Doe, John,,,500.00
    Doe, Jan,6/1/2011,-1,1000.00
    Doe, Jan,6/15/2011,-1,300.00

    Desired Output in Report:
    Doe, John -- $1,000.00
    Doe, John -- $2,000.00
    Doe, John -- Totals: $3,500.00

    Doe, Jan -- $1,000.00

    Doe, Jan -- $1,300.00
    Doe, Jan -- Totals: $2,300.00

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    You would have to apply a condition to each control. This could be done with Conditional Formatting to return a Null if value in another control is Null. However, this would make the control appear not visible but it will still occupy space and result in blank row. VBA code can set the Visibility of the control, but again, think will result in blank row.

    Is the CurrentBalance a field in table or is it calculated from the records? If it is a field with static value and not dependent on the records for a calculation, filter the report to exclude records where the other data Is Null.
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    Thank you for the reply. I inserted a sub-report with the totals and then hid all of the records where 'PymtDate' IS NULL on the main report.

Please reply to this thread with any new information or opinions.

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