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    Date Parameter


    I have a query where I need to pull data for the same dates entered within a parameter but for the previous year.

    For example: The parameter asks for a Start Date and End Date. I would enter 06/01/2005 and 06/03/2005 respectively. I want the following query to return the data within the table between 06/01/2004 and 06/03/2004.

    Between Year([Reports]![Carrier By Month]![Text41])-1 And Year([Reports]![Carrier By Month]![Text43])-1

    Currently what this criteria is doing is pulling the data for the previous year as I need but it is returning everything for 2004 that exists within the table. For example I have stuff for 05/01/2004 and it returns this data. I only need it to return the previous year data within the date range I entered within the parameter.

    Any help on this would be greatly appreciated. I have been bursting my brain on this.

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    Your criteria should work IF you are comparing on the Year of the date and not the date itself. So your query would have the criteria for


    rather than just the field itself.

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    Thank you for your reply but could you clarify for me a bit more. I am comparing it to only the year value of the date entered within the Report.

    I just don't understand where it is going wrong. Why is it not paying attention to the date range?

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