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    Selecting records based on criteria from user input


    I have a select statement which queries a table and prompts the user to input the name they are searching for. Now the user will put in first (space) lastname but I am storing the names from active directory so they are first.last name.

    Is there a way to use the name which has been put in to pull the actual name out? My current code is below - thanks
    SELECT Table.sUser, Table.Activity, Table.Hours, Table.Project, Table.[Task Date], Table.Description
    FROM Table
    WHERE (((Table.sUser) Like [Enter Name ] & ".") AND ((Table.Approved)=False));

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    Instead of using a parameter request, if you put a text box in a form you could use the following wild card sequence to pull the data:

    Like "*" & [Forms]![frm_FORMNAME]![txt_MYFIELDFORINPUT] & "*"

    In this example, my form is named "frm_FORMNAME", and the field on the form that is for the input parameter is named "txt_MYFIELDFORINPUT".

    The wild card asterisks will give you anything in the table that has a match between them. For example, if John.Smith is in the table, putting in "Smi" will return John Smith and any other Smith in the database. Also, you could put in "Jo", "hn", "mi", "oh", "J", etc. and his record (as well as other records) would be returned...

Please reply to this thread with any new information or opinions.

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