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    complex design problem

    Good Afternoon all,

    I am working on a database that will pull questions at random and put them into a product for a person to answer the questions. then when they submit it will check the answers the person put into the form and input a new record into the Testrecords table.

    Currently I have the testbank table setup with
    ID Field
    Question field
    AnswerA Field
    AnswerB Field
    AnswerC Field
    AnswerD Field
    Correct Answer

    The math at the end I can take care of but I am unsure how I should proceed in pulling the random questions into a form.

    The way I can think of to do it is do a split form and have 25 random questions pulled the problem is then when you submit the answer for the question I want it to store that they got the answer right till I can have it go through all 25 records. Each test will use the getuser function from my functions so I can pull it at any time. I just need the answer stored as being right or wrong.

    couple of issues and I am afraid it is a design flaw in the end. if this dont work I will try something different but I am looking for three answers

    1. how to random pull 25 records(the Questions/Answers)
    2. How best to display the Questions/Answers with a way to check the picked answer with correct answer
    3. how to store that they got the answer right so I can at the end make a new record using there user ID, date, Number right and percentile.


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    Your approach to table design does not look right.
    There should be a table for candidates.
    A table for questions.
    A table for standard answers - if applicable.
    And a table to combine all three, a junction table to record, candidate against question number and subsequent answer.

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    sorry I wasnt clear

    I have the questions in Testbank but I have the correct answer in that same table

    I do have a personnel table

    then I have a table that combines when the test was taken, who took the test, and how many they got right.

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