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    Unhappy Access without coding

    I was taught some of the basics of Access about 3 years ago.
    This was fairly top-level.

    I am now resuming my work with Access and am largely self-teaching myself, alongside a 'Dummies Guide' and regular trawling of the internet.

    What I wanted to ask was others' views on whether it is possible to be a regular Access user without the detailed knowledge of VBA and coding!
    Can I 'get by' without?

    That aspect scares me somewhat - not sure I'd know where to start!

    Interested to hear your views...

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    Can you get by? Sure, but I don't think you'll be able to create anything really polished or that does anything particularly complex. Macros are an option, though not a great one in my opinion.
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    Yeah, I wouldn't use macro either. I've known some instructors at school with a bachelor degree and teaching MS Access and other IT classes with no experience, but passed the MS certifications. FIGURES... To me, if you want to be an Access Developer, learn coding of Access.

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    Don't be put off by VBA.

    Access has a lot of flexibility and there are lots of problems that can be solved with plain vanilla Access. Macros can add a great deal to what you can do.
    I use VBA but 90% of the time I'm just using it to either hide or reveal a control, or transfer the value of a control to some other control. Those uses demand very little knowledge VBA. The knowledge part of the equation is knowing when to use the event properties of the forms and controls e.g.
    [mycontrol].visible = false
    [mycontrol1] = [mycontrol2]
    In fact, a lot of the VBA that I code could be done with macros or the expression builder. It's just that I'm totally comfortable with VBA.
    Many users get into trouble using VBA instead of properly constructed queries and normalized tables.At least you wouldn't be challenged by that.

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    I got hired to re-develop an Access app. The reason is that it keeps generating errors over and over again and would skip over macros without letting the user know a problem occurred. This app has over 1,000 of Access macros. The only thing I would use a macro for is the menu items. We learn this back in the middle of the 90's that macros generate errors and I started getting contracts to convert all macros to VBA. This company didn't hear the news.

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