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    Exclamation Acess 2007 Validation Problem- HELP!?

    Hi Im a newbie on the forum so thank you for reading this!

    I am creating a database in Microsoft Acess 2007...

    Basically one of databases tables contains two fields where the input for both is a Boolean (Yes/No) field. I want a validation for the second field so it can only be ticked (Yes) if the first Yes/No field has being ticked (Yes)... any ideas?

    I have some knowledge and know that in Access a Yes is treated as "-1" and a No is treated as a "0" so I tried [FirstFieldName]<=[SecondFieldName] (with the actuall names of the fileds being in the square brackets obviously )

    I thought this would make sure that the value of the first field was always less than or equal to the second and so the second could only be -1 (Yes) if the first was -1 (Yes). However this did not work and caused an "SLQ Error" (I think...)

    I do not have the software here with me now so I can not check this but would putting "=>[FirstFieldName]" in the validation section of the first field work?

    Any other ideas or solutions?

    Please help!

    Thanks in advance for your answers or just for taking the time to read my problem

    Jack x

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    You will need to perform this validation in the data entry form. There are no triggers in Access tables.
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