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    Calculated column in a report

    Hey Guys

    So even though it says I'm using Access 2010 (which is on my computer), I'm programming for the company which uses 2007. And in 2007, there are no calculated fields. I need a cost column in my report which will have the function


    Both of which are also on my report. For the cost, I created a new column and put this formula into the control source. However, every time I try to run the report, it tells me to give it parameters for Text16, which is the textbox for that column. I'm not really sure what to do at this point.

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    Text16 is referenced somewhere in the report, either in the RecordSource query or in another textbox, but Access is not recognizing it so handles it by treating it as an input parameter prompt. Need to find that reference and fix whatever is wrong with it. Are you sure Text16 is the name of textbox in report?
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    I see what I did. That textbox was not the problem. The problem was from my total cost textbox which was
    I dont think Access 2007 supports summing calculated textboxes. I switched it to
    And it worked fine. Thanks!

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