Hello all. I have a situation that for the life of me can not find an answer to. I was hoping to find some expert advise.

I was hired by a company that sells cable to put together a database to store the information. the problem that I am having is that the 1 product is split up in different sections with different companies owned a piece of it like this
Product- cable____15%_____|________50%______|_____35%______ ___

one of them being ours. We all have charges associated with this. The charges are the same type but different prices. I can split up the tables with no repeat information like this sorry, I can not give exacts

customers vendors charges products
Jane doe company1 percent cable1
company2 fixedrate cable2
company3 permilerate cable3
We want to be able to list on a report the customer name, then each individual company, the percent of the cable that they own and the charges associated with it. When I try to make a form, I dont know how to make it without repeating.

Product Vendor Percent FixedRate
_____ _____ ______
_____ _____ ______
_____ _____ ______ On my tables do I need fields for 1,2,3 like percent1 Percent2 percent3 Fixedrate1 Fixedrate2 fixedrate3?

since I only have one column for each in my tables, only one row shows up in my forms. Im so confused on how to make this work. Has anyone ever had one product split up like this? thank you for your help