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    Sub parameters with options

    Is there a way to create a parameter that gives options to the user. For example, in DoCmd.TransferSpreadsheet one of the parameters is import, export or link and it displays those options for you when you are writing code. So for my example I have

    Private Sub Form_Load(Create as Integer)
    the create parameter only accepts 3 parameters, either a 1 , 2 or 3. Is there a way to show the user that they have the choice of either 1,2 or 3?

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    You could create a form, with some check boxes etc and a Button.
    User fills in/checks a box or selects from a list and then clicks the button to do
    whatever you want them to do.

    see for some ideas

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    sorry i should have told you my module name is not specific to an access form, it is actually running another application outside of access and the create parameter is to specify how the user wants to modify the application

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