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    How to create an option group to display the value of a field.

    One table has a field that can have multiple values. I don't know how to proceed to create an option group that show the value of this field.

    When I add this field to the form, access automatically create a combo box that opens a small window containing many check boxes when you click it.
    But I want the check boxes to be on the form and always viewable.

    I created an option group and set correctly the ControlSource property to the name of the field, but the check boxes values don't change accordingly to the fields values. All the others fields are displayed correctly on the form.

    Thank you.

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    It sounds like you may be using a Lookup Field:

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    Yes, thats it. It's a lookup field based on a value list that won't change.
    This field could have multiple values and I want to display it on a form with an option group containing check boxes.

    For example, lets pretend that my field is a Colors field.

    I couldn't make it a number field as shown below, because I want to be able to select several colors. Another inconvenient is that on a report, you would see a number instead of a Color name.
    0 for Blue
    1 for White
    2 for Yellow
    3 for Green

    So I made it a lookup field based on a following value list like this one:
    "Blue"; "White"; "Yellow"; "Green"
    When you add this field into a form, Access will add a combo box. When you click on it, a small window containing check boxes appears. It works fine, but I want to use an option group instead of a combo box because I want to see the Color selection without having to click on a combo box.

    What is your advise?

Please reply to this thread with any new information or opinions.

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