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allow blank record in subform

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    allow blank record in subform

    I would like my users to be able to input data in main form and have subform empty if necessary. This accomplished two things. 1. the ability to come back at a later time and enter subform info and 2. there are rare occurences of no subform info to input. Currently, when a user enters main form info without subform info, no info is recorded in any tables and no longer appears in form after leaving that record of the form.

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    Hmmmm. Doesn't sound right.
    Please provide more details and sample database.
    I'd like to see your tables and relationships.

    Normally form/subform construct represents a 1 to 0,1,many between tables.
    For example,


    a Person does not necessarily have a child/children. There would be no record of this Person in the tChild table.

    tPerson--->tHobby (same thing) 1 Person could have 4 hobbies, another 7 hobbies and another with 0 hobbies.

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    Doesn't sound right, indeed! A Record being created in the Main Form of a Main Form/Subform configuration does require that a Record being entered in the Subform. You may see the Control holding Foreign Key Field populated by that data, as determined by the Main Form Record...but a Record in the Subform is not actually created unless some other Field is 'blank Record' is created.

    As orange said...more details and, preferably, a copy of your database, are needed for us to help you.

    Linq ;0)>
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    I was thinking the same thing but then thought maybe I just hadn't ran across such an occurrence, thanks for the sanity check Orange and Missinglinq


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