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automatically update after some time.

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    automatically update after some time.

    i am using access database. my requirements is after every 5 minutes it should check the new entry in table and insert it into new table after every 5 minutes only the new entries.

    please advised.

    Table A
    Stuid Number
    Intime text
    Otime text
    Dated date

    Table B
    Stuid number
    msgto varchar2(30)
    msg varchar2(300)
    send varhar2(1)

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    The following is based on you having a good reason form duplicating data, such as copying from linked ODBC tables that you don't have edit rights on.

    You could create a form add a timer event and in the event code, execute any query required to do the updating. I presume this would be an update query. The form can be invisible, and be automatically loaded when the db opens, or if you already have that reserved for another form, that form can open the timer form and make it invisible. For the timer interval, 1000 is one second, so 5 minutes is 300 times that.
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    Private Sub USERID_AfterUpdate()On Error GoTo ErrorHandler
    DoCmd.SetWarnings False
     Dim StrSQl As String
        StrSQl = "Insert into MsgOut (id,msg,send,msgto) "
        StrSQl = StrSQl & "SELECT [STUDENT].[GR No], ' Inout Ho Gya Hay:::DAR-E-ARQAM SCHOOL. ', True , [STUDENT].[Mobile] "
        StrSQl = StrSQl & "FROM [STUDENT] " & _
                "WHERE [STUDENT].[STATUS]='Active' " & _
                "and userid=[gr no]"
                ' CurrentDb.Execute StrSQl, dbFailOnError
                 DoCmd.RunSQL (StrSQl)
    DoCmd.SetWarnings True
    Exit Sub
    MsgBox Err.Number & Chr(13) & Err.Description
    Resume ExitHandler
    End Sub
    i am using this code in after update event. it working fine .
    but i want to it will check in every 5 minutes the new data between the 5 minutes automatically insert into new table-B.
    i have set the time interval=1000

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