I wonder if anyone has experience using an Access database onGoogle drive to run an on-line appointment software?
We currently you Snap Appointments to schedule our service.We make available times for the service (water meter replacements) on ourwebsite and the users (first come first serve) fill in their basic informationto occupy an available appointment time.
What I want to do is to have the user choose not only theavailable appointment time, but to pre-fill their basic information from theavailable database (on Google drive). This should make it easier/faster for theuser, in the first place.
The database is finite and limited to the service accountsmade by contract with each Town where the water meters are to be changed.
What I want to do next, is to import those appointmentsdirectly into our network Access DB. This would replace our current process ofmanually keying each individual appointment into the network database.
I found out that Acuity is considering an app to do exactlythat, but this is not available, yet. Wonder if there is anything out therethat actually works or if not, can be made to work via Google drive.