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Convert Report To VBA

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    Convert Report To VBA

    I have a report that is set-up and working. I need to make two slight changes to the report, so I was wondering if there was a way to generate VBA of a report? If I hit alt+F11 and look under Microsoft Office Class Objects then look under the report - the only VBA code that is showing is
    Option Compare Database
    I know my next option would be to just design the same report with the changes and save it with a very similar file name and append _A or _B to the end of the filename to differentiate, however I would prefer to go the VBA route if it will not take extensive time to code out the report.

    Is it possible to generate VBA for an already existing access report?

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    theres no code needed for a report.
    you CAN filter a report to certain records if needed, so you dont need many reports for the same thing.

    docmd.openreport "report",acPreview, "[id]=" & forms!myForm!cboID

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    Which two slight changes?

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    You can export to text and import back, but all you need to do is make a copy of the report from the Navigation Pane, then make your changes to the copy (if you really need 2 copies).
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