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Dynamic Default Value

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    Dynamic Default Value

    Hello all, I am Access begineer and I have searched this site and others for an answer to something that should be a simple problem. Here is the situation, I have several tables but lets focus on two Table1 and Table2

    Table1.ID is a foriegn key in Table2.NewID

    I want the default value for Table2.NewID to be the MAX of Table1.ID; that is I want Table2.NewID to auto default/select whatever is the highest ID of Table1.ID.

    I have toyed with this as much as I can by entering different SQL statements in the the default field of the datasheet. And by defining different Macros for OnFocus event.I would greatly appreciate any and all help.

    Access 2007 running on Windows 7 64bit

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    G'd evening,
    I don't think you can do that at table level, but you can do it easily with code at form level.
    G'd luck

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