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    Is it possible to do a query on a multi-value field

    Basically, I have a small spreadsheet that represents employees and their access for certain things on different campuses. I have attached the document......I have been asked to create a report of all those people who have a Component name of "campus" where "Component IDs from" equals 40 or 80. The problem I am having is when a record matches the criteria, I also need to list the subsequent related records. So for instance, in the query, the first record in the spreasheet matches the criteria but for the report I also need to list the other records for that employee which in this case is CC.

    any pointers would be very much appreciated.

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    If i am understanding you correctly you just have one table. So just include all the fields that you want to see keeping your criteria the same.

    Then use the report wizard with the query you created above as the record source and use the employee as a grouping level so that it will list the employee and then all the fields you want to see based on your query's criteria.

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