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    Question Import Row 1 Only on a .txt File

    Every two weeks I receive 116 text files. For every file I need to extract the total number of records so that I can perform a calculation later on. this information happens to be in the header row of my files. Is it possible to import just the header row (row 1) and append it to a table in Access? I would really like to avoid opening all 116 records and then manually populating a control. Any suggestions are VERY welcome!


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    one way that I can think of is to read the first line through a string variable with a function. One such function would be something like:
    Function TxtReadLn(wPath As String, _
                       Optional lnNum As Long)
    '                                                                             *
    'Author: Adam Evanovich                                                       *
    'Date: 6/12/2006                                                              *
    'Purpose: Reads a single line of text from a text file.                       *
    '                                                                             *
    'Arguments:                                                                   *
    'wPath > Full path of the text file being read.                               *
    'lnNum > The line number to read.  If omitted, the first line of text will    *
    '        be read.  If invalid, it returns and error.                          *
    '                                                                             *
    On Error GoTo Err_Handle
    Const wMode = 1& 'Read Only Mode - Long Value
    Dim ctr As Long
    Dim fso As Object
    Dim oFile As Object
    Dim tStream As Object
    ctr = 1
       Set fso = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")
       Set oFile = fso.GetFile(wPath)
       Set tStream = oFile.OpenAsTextStream(wMode)
          If lnNum > 0 Then
             On Error GoTo Err_Handle_EOS
                Do While ctr < lnNum
                      ctr = ctr + 1
          End If
    On Error GoTo Err_Handle
             TxtReadLn = tStream.ReadLine
        Set fso = Nothing
        Set oFile = Nothing
        Set tStream = Nothing
    Exit Function
        If Err.Number = 53 Then
            MsgBox "There is no file to read..."
        End If
          Set fso = Nothing
          Set oFile = Nothing
          Set tStream = Nothing
       MsgBox "Line number is invalid..."
          Set fso = Nothing
          Set oFile = Nothing
          Set tStream = Nothing
    End Function
    You could also import the txt using code, then append the first row however you need it. that would take a lot less code too.

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    Use any programs or vba to read the first line of data of the file and save it with original_filename_1.txt.
    Then use those files to import.

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