Hi Everyone
There is something i am missing here.
I have a sub form on a main form.
I have set the combo on the main to filter the combo on the sub form and its working all right.

Private Sub cboProgram_AfterUpdate()
Dim strSql As String
strSql = "SELECT lk_Indicator.IndicatorID, lk_Indicator.Indicator, lk_Indicator.ProgramAreaID" & _
" FROM lk_Indicator WHERE lk_Indicator.ProgramAreaID = " & Me.cboProgram.Column(0) & _
" ORDER BY lk_Indicator.IndicatorID ASC"
Me.subfrmZNANDATA.Form.cboIndicator.RowSource = strSql
End Sub
The problem comes in when i change the entry on the main form combo.
The other records do not show on the main form.
I have attached the images to illustrate
main form has cboIndicator--unbound

subform has cboIndicator---bound to lk_Indicator table

the main form and subform are linked

what i want is all the records entered on the subform to show

Thanks for your time....