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    Filtering my report

    Hi I am having problems filtering two of my subreports on my forms :

    frm_operator_search & frm_school_search

    These search forms are set up to search my database (attached minus all sensitive data) to create a list of schools or operators (depending on the form) and thier relevant transport routes.

    The form is filtered using either text for the school name or a combo box for Local Auhtoirity. this is all set up and working fine. Some school are served by more than one Athority and some operators also work for more than one authority, my tables are all normalised and this again is working fine.

    If you search the form by Authority in the subform only that Authority which you searched for's routes come up, which is what I want..... BUT in my report form all Authorities routes to the school or provided by the operator are listed.

    e.g. if you search for Amman in the text box & select city and county of swansea from the combo box only city and county routes are shown in the form. However if you preview the report both Neath and Swansea routes are shown, when I want Neath routes filtered out.

    Anyone out there have any suggestions as to how the report can be made to filter the results properly?

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    Hi all,

    Having a similar problem on filtering reports as well. Doing an Access assignment on a call centre database - need to design a way to make reports to show the contacts that were never cold called before during a period of time.

    What I have set up now is a query that has a calculated column with an IIF statement:
    Expr1: IIf([CallDate] Between [Enter Start Date: MM/DD/YYYY] And [Enter End Date: MM/DD/YYYY],"Potential Net New Call","Not Net New Call").

    The report generated so far is 2 columns that shows the number from the underlying query from above and the total number of calls made to the contact. If the two numbers matches and is not zero, then we have a net new contact within the period of time. But this means the report looks at all the contacts called and generates a 60+ page report. Is there a way to 1)filter on the report, 2) create a report on the report, or 3) simply better way to do this?

    Thanks so much in advance for your help. Much appreciated.


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