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    Cascading combo boxes

    I am having trouble putting cascading combo boxes in a form. I have combo2 which is from one table. My combo4 which are descriptions all come from different tables. This is the code I have in the after update of the combo two. I made sure there was no row source in combo4. Is there something wrong with it?

    Private Sub Combo2_AfterUpdate()
    On Error Resume Next
    Select Case Combo2.Value
    Case "food (gustatory)"
    Combo4.RowSource = "tbl_enrichment_food"
    Case "Manipulative (tactile)"
    Combo4.RowSource = "tbl_enrichment_manipulative"
    Case "Sensory (auditory, olfactory, visual)"
    Combo4.RowSource = "tbl_enrichment_sensory"
    Case "Cage Furniture Change Out"
    Combo4.RowSource = "tbl_enrichment_furniture"
    Case "Training"
    Combo4.RowSource = "tbl_enrichment_training"

    End Select
    End Sub

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    maybe you need "combo4.requery" between "end select" and "end sub"

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    That didn't work. My second combo box is still blank after I make a selection in the first combo box.

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