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    Login form plus filter

    Dear all,

    i want t o make a simple form for the database , where people will be able to add the required data! At the opening there will be login screen that is connected to the passwords, and after the user chooses his name and types the password it should open the other form for imputing the required data! The problem is I want that the form (table) that opens after login is filtered for the name chosen (the names in the password table and in the data section are the same) , but I am not able to make this. I was thinking to make the query and apply the formula, but it doesn’t work (it asks me to type in the name) .

    so the process should be, they choose the name from the list, they type the password and if it is the right one, then the form opens, but filtered for their name (so only their data).

    in the attachment you can find the dummy file.

    thanks in advance for any help,


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    and yes I forgot to say the login passwords for the dummy data! passwords are 1st name with small letter! so if it is Dirk Name , than the password is dirk


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