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    user formula setup

    hello guys im just a newbie in access so hope someone will help me!
    suppose i have A, B and C as input box for a user.
    and X, Y and Z as output box for the user
    if i want to let the user setup his own formula with A, B and C to get the results in X, Y and Z how to do it?
    the user wants
    X = A+B *C

    Y= A*B/C
    so how will allow him to setup any formula in a form?
    Thank you

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    RE: user formula setup

    Dear Elios115,

    You can try the following steps:
    1- Create table with 4 fields ID,A,B and C as numbers (table1):

    2- Create query in design view (query1):

    In each time you entered the values of A,B and C the query will give you the resulte of your formulas.

    You can see the result on the form:
    3- Create form based on Query1 using the wizard:

    4- Creat form based on Table1 using the wizard:

    5- Edit the design of the Table1 form by clicking on design view button.
    6- Use toolbox bar to insert subform and choose form Query1:

    Save the form and open it in form view.
    Enter values for A, B and C.
    when you press tab after entering C ... the calculated values will appear in X,Y and Z.

    I hope the previous steps answer your question and I'm waiting your reply.



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    dear mr ahmad

    i think u didnt understand wat i need.
    anyway thx for ur trial to help me.
    i need it in a way dat the user can set up the formula, any formula he wants with a, b and c.
    so he needs to input + or - or * or / calculation with a b and c the way he want it.
    thank you

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