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    Sharepoint Lists vs Web database as backend


    Any suggestions about advantages and disadvantages of creating Sharepoinit Lists as a back-end for Access 2010 front-end versus having a web database on sharepoint as a back-end. I have different front ends using the same data, so I can't just make a single web database. Any input is appreciated, thanks!

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    if you are using web forms - then you must use a web database; and so that answers the question.

    if you are using traditional Access client FEs and everyone is on the same LAN - then I would stay with Access BE - and only rely on sharepoint to serve a classical file server role and do neither sharepoint lists nor web database - or not even use sharepoint at all.

    if you are using traditional Access client FEs and everyone is NOT on the same LAN, where there is a WAN involved - and you will be using the 'Work Local' feature that moves the BE data then I think you will want to use sharepoint lists. But now that you ask the question I am not 100%. Web database offers back end triggers. But I doubt they are as feature rich as your classic VB capable Access FE and so I guess one would stick with lists.....good question.

    hope this helps.

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