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    Keeping text in a report textbox

    Hello, this question also pertains to reports I've been told by my supervisor that one of the fields needed in my report is not found in any of the tables so i created a text box attached in to the report so that the textbox would appear for every record however while i can type text in to the textboxes the moment i click off of it the text dissappears. So I need somebody to tell me how to keep the text I type showing up in the textbox after I'm done typing it.

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    Dear Hawkx1,

    To keep the text ... I think you have to add a new field in the source table ... and accordingly add this textbox in the report.

    Please try this and tell me if you need any help



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    Convert a word file to Access

    I am doing my dissertation and i wrote it in the word at the beginning but my supervisor wants it in Access environment. So how could i simply convert the Word one to Access file???
    Please i need some help,
    Thanks a lot in advance

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