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    Arrow Foce new record in related table?

    What I have:
    -EmployeeNumber (PK)
    -JobCodeID (FK)

    -JobCodeID (PK)
    -EmployeeNumber (FK)

    -Employee Number


    What I am trying to do:
    When a new hire hits HR, their personal information is entered in the db, but not the job code. The new hire then reports to his/her supervisor who assigns a job code. I need to figure out a way to force the creation of a new related record in tblJobCode with null information when the HR rep enters the personal info.

    The problem:
    In my opinion, the problem lies somewhere between laziness and incomptence. There have instances where HR does not set the new record in sbfJobCode and the new hire's supervisor doesn't do it either. This presents an issue for payroll in that payscale is driven by job code. It would make my life considerably easier if the new record in tblJobCode was created automatically so I can easier determine which employees are not assigned a primary job code, as each employee should have a primary, secondary, and alternate.

    Thank you in advance for your time and help. If I am not being clear enough with my description of the problem, please let me know.

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    Looking at your supplied Table layout, doing what you want shouldn't be that difficult, especially since you've separated the Primary Key field from the Job Code itself (however, doing this does have it's own drawbacks, anyway. . .).

    What you can do is program your Form so that, when a new employee is entered, a "default" Job Code is assigned automatically (say Code -1 or something). Then make it the HR employee's job to change the Job Code from -1 to something else.

    That way, you can do a simple search for any -1 Job Codes to find out if any need to be assigned.

    Honestly though, it's probably be better to force HR to assign a Job Code when they first enter the employee's data. That way you're forcing them to have the new Job Code in the system before they can even enter anything.

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