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    Hello there,
    Im tryng to make simple inventory access program but im stuck to one place and i cant find solution. The problem is i can find tutorials where i have one or many products and im controling them. But in my case i want the product based on weight to came up from raw material table based on weight. Like Im buying powder 50lbs but im making 5 breads which weight is let we say 800grams. How much powder do i have. Can some one lead me to some tutorial or book which has this kind of example. Thank you

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    I'm not sure I understand - do you want to look up the value of "1 bread" (or 2 or 5)and reduce raw material (powder) by 800 grams per loaf of beard made? If so, you could use a DLookup to find the correct value, and a calculated field to update the inventory. Search DLookup in help.

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