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    Copy database structure and all querries to new database


    Is there a way to copy database structure and all querries to new database preferably without having to delete all the records as we have a DB that has 10million records and is full!



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    It is not the number of records the mdb holds, it is the file size. Is your mdb close to the 2 gb file size?

    Is your mdb split? ie a backend (BE) with the data and a front end (FE) that holds everything else - forms, reports, queries, modules?

    If it is split, then from windows, copy the BE and delete the data. Rename the file and relink it to the FE.

    You could also use SQL Server Express 2008 (max file size 4 gb IIRC) as the BE and still use the Access mdb as the FE.

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