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    Import Excel file as report template - possible?

    The subject pretty much sums it up.

    Is it possible to import an excel file into Access as a report?

    I have an Excel file that looks like how I want the data presented, with the data filled in on the Excel sheet.

    If it's not possible, I take it I would have to export to the Excel file and print the Excel file? Does anyone have a few informational links handy on that, in that case?

    Thanks in advance for the help!

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    as far as I know, the report template feature in Access can only apply to actual report objects that are created and styled in Access itself.

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    So I assume that means I'd need to export data to Excel?

    Would you happen to have any links handy for info on that (preferably something that just opened the file, exported the selected data to the excel sheet, printed the current sheet in the workbook, and closed the file without saving changes without any prompts or anything)?


    I found some links for Exporting from Access to Excel, like here for anyone that needs:

    For Printing:

    This is close to the cumulative problem:

    I figured I'd post these for anyone else wondering, I'll mark this solved.

    Thanks for the help!
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