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    Want to create a database for aquaculture farm and export of shrimp

    Dear Friends,

    I am new to the database i want to Create a database which can track the quantity produced from aquaculture farm exported to which country I have made just outline of the tables which needed upto my knowledge but i was stuck how to put relationships for tables so that the design is more stable to my work

    I have attached the excel file having tables details and the fields for each table

    the work flow will be order entry with exporter name, buyer name, order number, country, shipment date, order details with order id, certification, brand, variety, packing style, grade, no of packets. The order is assigned to codelist. codelist have CodeList details where we will select one of The order details from order in codelist for which we will assign farmid, pond number, no of packets produced, production date. The details of the farmid and pond number which we given in codeListDetails table should be reflect in pondTable.

    Finally i want the output from this database as when i query i have to get the
    1.Orders based on ordernumber,
    2.Details of the FinishedProductQTY based on ProductCategoryID & CertificationID
    3.Details of the HarvestedQTY based on CertificationID

    kindly help me with this it would be very helpful

    Thanks in advance.
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    You have identified data entities and designed a schema which looks reasonable. Now start building.

    Advise not to use all upper case in naming convention (except maybe for FCR because that must be an acronym).
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    One thing that's helpful to do is to create your queries to answer your most important business questions before you build the UI. If you find you cannot answer a business question, then it may mean your design isn't quite right. It's a lot easier to fix before you start building forms etc "on top of" your tables. Your design looks okay. Not a huge fan of the IDs on everything (like value lists... I just think that's overkill, but you do you.)

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