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    Rich Text into Word document

    Hi all
    I use the below code (with a lot more fields) that converts from an access form into a word template using bookmarks.
    I have decided to use Rich Tech in the text box so we can bold stuff but I am having issues when it converts it now as the shows all the <DIV>, <strong> tags etc how can I stop this?
    Ideally what I wanted was to put something in bold in the text box to can copy this across into the word document

        Dim oWd  As Object 'Word.Application
        Dim oDoc As Object 'Word.Document
        Dim bm   As Object 'Word.Bookmark
        Set oWd = CreateObject("Word.Application")
        Set oDoc = oWd.Documents.Add(CurrentProject.Path & "\TemplateFiles\HRReportTemplate.docx")
       Set bm = oDoc.Bookmarks("PERSONALDETAILS")
       bm.Range.Text = [Forms]![FRM_FullCaseDetails]![HRReport]
       oWd.Visible = True
    End Function
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