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    Shell with Batch Variables

    I have a Batch file that has this command called test.bat

    copy %1 %2

    Then on a form I have a button with this command:

    Private Sub cmdBackBatch_Click()

    On Error GoTo err_cmdBackBatch_Click

    Dim strSource As String
    Dim strDest As String

    strSource = "C:\Documents and Settings\A\My Documents\Robby\Tracker\TrackerDev\FE-BE\ABCMngr97_be.mdb"
    strDest = "C:\Documents and Settings\A\My Documents\Robby\Tracker\TrackerDev"

    Shell "C:\Documents and Settings\A\My Documents\Robby\Tracker\TrackerDev\FE-BE\test.bat" & strSource & " " & strDest

    Exit Sub

    MsgBox err.Description
    Resume Exit_cmdBackBatch_Click
    End Sub

    For some reason I am not able to pass the strSource and strDest variables to the %1 and %2 of the batch file command.

    Does anyonw have some input on this?


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    One problem I see is needing a space after ... test.bat"

    Change: Shell "C:\Documents and Settings\A\My Documents\Robby\Tracker\TrackerDev\FE-BE\test.bat" & strSource & " " & strDest
    To: Shell "C:\Documents and Settings\A\My Documents\Robby\Tracker\TrackerDev\FE-BE\test.bat " & strSource & " " & strDest

    Not sure if this is the only problem. Might be helpful to know the exact error you're seeing.


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    I'm guessing after 14 years the issue has been resolved.
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