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    Printing tickets


    A buddy of mine is asking me to print QR codes on some tickets he is selling. I have read all of the thread here and soured the internet on hoiw to make a custom page size 2x5.5 inches, but on my Windows 11 machine, if I add a customer size to the 'Print Server' it is not available within the access print setup dialog. I am using a Brother Lasterjet, and it doesnt appear to support defining a custome size. When I get some tickets to test on, I am going to try & just print the report using the manual feed, but wanted to get any experience from somebody here.

    I was thinking that I could define a custom size and output a PDF of just documents that are ticket size, but I am scratching my head on this one.

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    the access report is where you set the custom size of the 'report'/ticket , using the 'paper' shown in design mode.
    you can tell the report to print to specific printer that has your paper in it.

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