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    Struggling with MailMerge


    Very occasional Access user here, so apologies for my naïveté.

    I have a database that I use for submissions for our local radio station. Pluggers send us MP3s and as the Submissions Editor, I go through them and decide what is to go on the playlist and what won’t (you should hear some of them - sheesh!!) Anyway, most of it works fine, but I want to create a list of all the information to send to the presenters. Like so…

    Song title
    Style (of music)
    Information from Plugger

    That way, each presenter would know what sort of style would suit their programme and could pull from the list. I’m struggling with MailMerge for this, as it creates one page for each DB entry. Is there any way of doing it so that I can use the DB to pull around 20 (each week) records into one document to create this list???


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    Why not create a report?, why does it need to be a Word document?
    Use a label document if you insist on a word document.
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